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Wolf Garten Multi-Change Tools - REVIEW

Flexibility - 9.5
Lightweight - 9.6
Peace of Mind, 35 year guarantee - 10
Quality - 9.5
Less backache - facilitates a better back position - 9.5



The Multi-Change system is an interchangeable, garden tools system. Making life easier for all gardeners.

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wolf garten multi-change tools


Multi-Change Video


Why WOLF Garten?

Their philosophy is to manufacture garden tools and machinery that make:

  • Gardening easier
  • More enjoyable
  • Environmentally compatible



  • 1922, the company was founded.
  • 1953,  were the first to offer lawnmowers with rotating blades
  • 1958, the first electric lawnmower on the European market
  • 1982, Launch of The Multi-Change Tools range




  • Interchangeable tool heads
  • Choose a handle that’s suitable for you


All equipment is sturdy yet not too heavy for you to use in your garden or allotment.


Durable, corrosion-resistant materials, making the tools weather proof


Work at heights without having to use a ladder, by utilising the telescopic handles

Less Backache

Facilitates a better back position due to a huge variety of handles, allowing you to pick one that’s suitable for your height

35 Year Guarantee

Peace of Mind

To celebrate 35 years of multi-change, Wolf-Garten began providing an incredible 35 year warranty on all multi-change tools, from 2018 onwards.



Why Choose WOLF-Garten, Multi-Change Tools 

  • Great if you’re disabled or suffer from back problems
  • Great for older people
  • Great for normal gardeners
  • Great for professional gardeners & tradesman
  • Providing solutions for garden maintenance, tree & shrub care, lawn care also soil & cultivation



Please mention The GARNICHE Directory when contacting Wolf-Garten

Twitter: @WOLFGartenUK




Wolf Garten multi-change tools

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wolf garten multi-change tools

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Special Thanks

Abbie from the Wolf Garten Marketing Team


  • Went out of her way to help
  • She was very professional and provided video, really useful information about the company that was not in the public domain
  • Also gave us the option to contact Paskett PR (Their excellent, Derby based PR Agency) if we needed any further assistance


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