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The GARNICHE Directory is a Unique Directory that enables you to find – unusual, niche,  luxury, must have, specialist & exciting Gardening Products & Experts in your local area. The place you’ll find Local, Derbyshire Gardening Experts & Gardening Specialists, Also:

  • Niche & Must Have Garden Equipment & Products
  • Verified & Trusted Companies
  • Great Customer Service & Reviews


  • Great Customer Service & Reviews
  • We Respect Your Privacy (Registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office)
  • Important  Decisions That Affect You, Are Not Decided By Computer (but by our Derby based editorial team)


Inspiring Choices & Listings

If you’re looking for:

  • Luxury hot tubs
  • Made to measure iron or wooden gates
  • Non slip surface coatings for a more creative safer garden
  • Ride on mowers
  • High class garden furniture & much more, you’ve come to the right place



unique gardening directory

Saving You Time!

What would you rather do:

(1) Spend hours scouring multiple websites trying to find local unique gardening products & services

(2) Devoting even more time to then uncovering verified customer feedback from trusted third parties

(3) Just going to one local website where you’ll find all the above, gardening hints & tips, various reviews and special services. All of this can be found in The GARNICHE Directory

Probably a bit of a no brainer.


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Unique Gardening Directory – Why Us

Unique gardening directory that’s very useful if your looking to create your dream garden or find experts to help you and it can be as individual and incredible as your imagination wants it to be. There’s also scope for connecting to unique products and services that could be bespoke or personalised.


New Thinking

We’ve turned the whole concept of the traditional directory on it’s head.

Typically local directories are filled to the brim with companies so when you visit, the numbers of available companies are high but the:

(1) Quality of listings

(2) Checking processes

(3) Services, maybe poor


unique gardening directory

Great Customer Service Ratings

We are totally focused on serving your interests. Our listed companies deliver great customer service and this is supported by verified customer feedback from across the internet.

When you visit each company listing it will show you real customer reviews which you can select and read for yourself.

unique gardening directory

Strict Vetting Standards


This is because our unique gardening directory is based on excellence not on letting any and every one in.

Companies have to fit certain strict criteria, including:

  1. A proven track record on delivering great customer service
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Qualified
  4. Friendly
  5. Give advice

If a company doesn’t fit our strict criteria then they are simply not considered, or any requests to join our directory are declined.


An Additional Tier of Checking

As well as our strict vetting standards we go even further by giving every listed company a GARNICHE Star Rating.

You can therefore check all the companies on a like for like basis as they’re all rated out of 5, in addition to looking at real customer feedback.


Meticulous Selection Process

In The GARNICHE Directory all businesses are selected carefully by Invitation

  • Membership requests from companies (have to be local, niche gardening products or services)
  • Recommendations from customers
  • All requests are subject to meeting our very strict criteria


High Quality

Specially selected gardening information and resources for our customers, site visitors & the local community.


Original Content

Every listing contains original as well as helpful and useful information. Written by our Gardening Editorial Team in Derby.

unique gardening directory

Human Edited

All content is written by our Editorial Team, there is no wholesale copying or web scraping of information from other sources.


Great Resources for our Visitors

Useful gardening resources and information.


Post Your Gardening News

We welcome any useful gardening news, announcements, local events

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Post Your Company News

Do you have any gardening related news, announcements, information

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