Sponsors – Business Success

Sponsors business success.

sponsors business success


Existing Sponsors

Our existing sponsors are as follows:


WordPress Experts, they helped us to assemble the initial framework for The Garniche Directory.


Specialists in Business Compliance, they provided valuable assistance with website compliance.



sponsors business success

Increase Your Sales

Why not increase your visibility and sales by sponsoring The Garniche Directory. We’ve a number of sponsorship options available to enable our readers and members to directly engage with you.


Targeted Marketing

If you’ve interests in the garden services, garden equipment or other garden related areas then this gives you the opportunity to engage directly with customers who want your services.

sponsors business success


How Do I Sponsor The Directory?

If you’d like to increase your sales and visibility online, why not sponsor one of our categories, pages or blog.

Please email us:  TheGarnicheDirectory@gmail.com

sponsors business success


Sponsorship Options

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