Recommended Traders

recommended traders


recommended traders

Who Are We?


  • Recommended traders, providing you with trusted, selected recommended garden traders, experts & specialists.
  • They’ve been fully checked and verified

recommended traders

Finding the Best People for the Job

It’s a very special resource because it allows you to source trusted gardening skills and services.


Peace of Mind


  • Recommendations are always a great way forward when trying to deal with something new or the unknown.


  • Recommended Traders is a very powerful way of providing peace of mind & a great indication of what local people can expect from locally based businesses.




recommended traders


Why Us?


  1. Recommended Traders have been personally recommended by The Garniche Directory or have been, directly used by us.
  2. We can therefore give you the most incredible insights of what to expect from these companies often from our own personal experiences.





We have a Proven Track Record of Innovation & Partnership with fully verified Recommended Traders & the best verified & reviewed companies

recommended traders recommended tradersrecommended traders

recommended tradersrecommended traders


Support Local Businesses


The Garniche Directory & our Trusted Partners the fsb (federation of small businesses) support local businesses.


We also fully support any initiatives that re-invent and breathe life into the high street or the local economy.

Local Businesses are good for the local community


  • Local Jobs – for the local community
  • Environmentally Friendly – Tend to source locally therefore more beneficial as less distances/fuel
  • Better Customer Service – As they are often born and bred within the community, they know exactly what we want & need
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