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Every company within our directory has been given a Garniche Star Rating. This enables the ratings of all listings to be compared in a straight forward, like for like basis. Each is awarded a GARNICHE Star Rating between (0 and 5)


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What Are These Ratings Based on?

  • Rated gardening companies Derbyshire are given a GARNICHE Star Rating to make life easier for you. This is really important because it’s reassuringly based on real customer ratings, provided by you.
  • It involves assessing companies Every company listing within this directory  has been awarded a GARNICHE Star Rating




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HIGH STANDARDS – We only Allow Certain Companies In

  • You’ve probably noticed that the directory in  certain categories may only have 1 entry. This is because our directory is based on excellence, high quality content and companies must meet our high standards.
  • Companies have to fit certain strict criteria, including having a proven track record on delivering great customer service by providing or showing that they have good, verifiable customer feedback.
  • The process of who is selected or approved for The GARNICHE Directory is managed by a small editorial team based in Derby.
  • If a company doesn’t fit our strict criteria then they are simply not considered or any requests to be a part of our directory are declined.


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If a company doesn’t meet our strict criteria then there’s no place for them, this is why rated local gardening companies are so important as you know where you stand.


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Every company has to be verified by us before it goes live in our Directory and it’s given an initial rating that you can trust.



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Is The GARNICHE Star Rating Subject to Change?


  • The GARNICHE Star Rating could change over time and reflects any subsequent customer ratings that you decide to give, which we always welcome


  • You can therefore make an informed choice and you’re also welcome to contact us directly to let us know about any particular feedback you’d like to give. This is always very welcome as it will help us to maintain high standards and ensure that you’re getting the best service possible.


GARNICHE Star Ratings are anything between 0 & 5


0 to 2 is Poor


2 to 3 is Average


3 to 4 is Good


4 to 5 is Excellent



Blue Lagoon Aquatics

Dedicated to supplying customers needs for over 18 years.

They have a large show room fully stocked.

Quality ornamental also tropical and marine fish.


GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.7]



Pattern imprinted driveways & patios


Cedarscape are a specialist paving company that produces incredible designs that transform your garden into something very special and enables you to stand out from the crowd.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 5.0]




Hackwood Farm

The site includes the farm, farm shop, tea rooms and functions.

The farm shop stocks locally sourced produce including bread, free range meat & eggs, vegetables and jams. There’s also a range of locally brewed ales.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.3]



organic honey

Littleover Apiaries Ltd (Organic Honey)

Littleover Apiaries Ltd are a local company that produce one of the biggest ranges of organic honey.

They are registered with the Organic Food Federation UK4. and they are 100% chemical free.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.7]





Lawnmower Experts you can trust, great customer service & willing to go the extra mile.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.6]




pixabay image

Sound Bites Ltd

An incredible organic shop in the centre of Derby. It’s located across the road from the bus station near the Age UK shop. Organic fruit and vegetables, Fairtrade and eco-friendly products.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.9]


Smith Hall Organic Farm

Smith Hall Organic Farm is in the Derbyshire Dales. It has been certified organic by the Soil Association for over ten years.

All produce is fully traceable from the farm straight to you.

Products include organic meat also delicious well renowned pork pies and cheeses.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 5.0]




Wyevale Garden Centre

Top quality plants and gardening products. If you’re looking for something unusual it’s well worth a visit.

GARNICHE Star Rating: [usr 4.1]



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