How to Achieve Business Success

how to achieve business success

How to Achieve Business Success – 10 Key Tips

by George Parnell

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Are you fed up of being on an ever going business treadmill that leaves you no time for yourself or your family?

Do you feel that you’re chained to your business?

I have a number of business interests and I’ve also been blogging for a while now, I thoroughly enjoy what I do and feel that our job is to ensure that each and everyone of our customers is always happy with the service we provide.

I’ve put together the following information for fellow business people who may need some helpful hints and tips or just be starting out.

how to achieve business success


Decide the tasks you must retain control of & those you’re sub-contracting out.

As you maybe aware when you’re running your own small business you have to wear a variety of hats but ask yourself could you relinquish control in certain areas and free up more time to be managing in your business instead of constantly fire fighting? Make a lists of all the tasks that you carry out in your business then decide which ones you want to sub-contract out.

The bottom line is: You need to decide which tasks are so critical to your brand that they remain in-house but also bear in mind the time-saving advantages of not doing everything yourself

how to achieve business success


Choose your business partners carefully.

Once you’ve decided which areas of the business are not being managed by yourself you need to look at available professionals in that particular area, whether it be accountants or website designers & start drawing up shortlists.

Make a final choice based on the company or professional that can deliver exactly what you’re looking for, as well as their track record, will they offer useful advice, will they bring new ideas & innovation to your business

The bottom line is: Whoever you decide are your final choices, it’s important that you work closely with them to ensure that you’re maintaining overall control of where you want to end up & how you get there. At the end of the day it’s your money.

how to achieve business success


Take your potential business partners through a recruitment process

  • What skills & know how do you want from them?
  • What are their terms & conditions and could this impact on what you can offer your customers?

The bottom line is: If the answers to the above questions fit perfectly with how you want to develop the business then engage if not, move on and evaluate the next company

how to achieve business success


Have a clear vision for the business

  • What are your short term goals?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • How are you going to achieve them?

The bottom line is: Its important to create a Business Plan, not just because the bank manager asked for one but to benefit your business as it will tell you the How, When, What & Why you want to achieve.

how to achieve business success


Lead by example and ensure that everyone inside & outside of your organisation is in no doubt what their role is at all times and what they need to do, ensure each and every person knows how important their role is, challenge everyone to over achieve, be happy and excited about what they do.

The bottom line is: It’s important to lead the business with a clear sense of direction, establishing clear communication at all levels and being able to keep employees well motivated. Not an easy job therefore if you feel you require help then seek out the courses or training that will take you to where you need to be.

how to achieve business success


  • Deal with problems as early as possible
  • Find solutions
  • Move forward

The bottom line is: You need to be resilient especially when the going gets tough. Remind yourself why you set up your business & make a list of all your positive achievements.

how to achieve business success


You can’t succeed without the help of others.

  • Focus on roles & recruit people with the right skills
  • Open 2 way communication with all team members
  • Set short & long term goals
  • Celebrate success & analyse failure

The bottom line is: Assemble a team of trusted partners made up of employees & contractors. If it takes longer than anticipated don’t cut corners as this could lead to poor decisions.

how to achieve business success


As the market place changes you need to be aware of this but also try to provide what the customer wants at all times.

  • Don’t be afraid of trying new ways of delivering services
  • Innovate through smarter systems & set ups

The bottom line is: Stay in tune with what the market wants because no company is too big to be left behind or go to the wall.

how to achieve business success


  • This can be done through surveys delivered by email, telephone or in person
  • Ideally businesses should be talking to customers constantly to discover what they like, where could improvements be made & what upsets them

The bottom line is: Customers should be at the core of everything a business is trying to achieve. Satisfied customers usually translates into good sales & solid company reputation for impressive customer service.

how to achieve business success


It’s important to analyse the competition, how do you measure up?

  1. Are you behind?
  2. At the same level?
  3. Ahead?

The bottom line is: All businesses should be aware of their competition and have an understanding of the potential threats they may be facing.

how to achieve business success


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