How Our Site Works – Niche Gardening Directory

How Our Site Works – Niche Gardening directory



The GARNICHE Directory is a genuine niche, local gardening directory that supports companies who give world class customer service.


Also provide unique & unusual gardening products & services.


We also have the highest quality content and this is updated regularly.


How Our Site Works – Niche Gardening Directory


Free to Use

Our niche gardening directory is completely free for you to use. 


We Don’t Allow Over Intrusive Advertising

This is because we take the view that it often tends to:


(1) Spoil the experience for our website visitors

(2) Can detract from the really useful information that you need to utilise

(3) It’s not always relevant




trusted gardening directory - how our site works

Funding Disclosure

  • To manage and maintain a site of this nature requires funding therefore we may receive a commission from some of the companies that appear on our site
  • The Breakdown is as Follows:


Paid Advertising

trusted gardening directory - how our site works


(This is one our Existing Premier Listings  –  Companies Appear on that Page 24/7)



Premier Listings



These are the most sought after as the listings are very visible and appear at the top of our Home page 24/7


  • Premier Listings are also a page option therefore we’ve doubled your chances of being found and increased the chances of customers finding you
  • They are also exclusive listings for any particular category at the top of our home page



Featured Companies

These listings appear below Premier Listings but there is still 24/7 visibility on our Home page



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Affiliate Links

These are companies that pay us if you click on their links and make a purchase.


Important Note


  1. We only enter into such arrangements with companies or service providers we have first hand experience of (i.e. we use them ourselves to support or maintain our business).
  2. Alternatively they must prove that they provide very good customer service backed up by real, verified customer reviews and other evidence
  3. We’ve already chosen not to partner with companies who don’t fulfil the above criteria


The following companies have affiliate banners on our site:



  • A-Plan Insurance
  • CV Library
  • SiteGround



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  1. The opportunity for you to have the best of all worlds.
  2. Your company dramatically increases it’s visibility on the internet and has great presence on our site.
  3. You also get a premium listing that customers can access easily



  • Where companies can sponsor the directory & appear 24/7 on the home page
  • Full premium links to your company information/services & social media

trusted gardening directory - how our site works

(One of our Existing Sponsors – Appear on our Sponsors Page 24/7)