free company listings

free company listings

free company listing

What do You Get?

Free Listing

  • Basic company description
  • Listed in one category only
  • Limited visibility in our Directory
  • Better Google visibility
  • Shows Our logo
  • No tag references
  • No links to social media
  • No website link


Is There a Verification Process?

  • All company listings are subject to meeting our various, strict criteria including:
  • Independent Customer service ratings
  • Feedback ratings across various platforms like Google & Facebook
  • Checks that the company does exist



Latest Enhanced Offers

The latest offer applies to Garden Landscapers based in Derby and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

See details below.


PREMIUM Listings for the Price of a FREE Listing

Save £240.00

  • Free for the first 12 months then reverts to the price of a Premium Listing, £20.00/month
  • This offer applies to Derby based Garden Landscapers only


What do You Get?

A Premium Listing for the Price of a Free Listing

  • Full company description
  • Listed in multiple categories, instead of just one
  • Maximum visibility in our Directory
  • Better Google visibility
  • Use of your own logo
  • Multiple tag references, like ‘Accepts Credit Cards’
  • Maximum number of links to social media
  • Link to your website


How Do I Get This Offer?


Contact us at, explaining that you want your premium listing, at no cost for the first 12 months.


Please also give us your basic company details, like company name, address & what you do.


  • Subject to meeting our criteria and availability


Apply for this Offer


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