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Making Life Easier

  • When it comes to your garden there are many things you can probably do yourself.
  • What normally stops this from happening is a lack of time or a lack of expertise.
  • If for instance you’ve planned & designed a major garden project, or you’re looking to create your dream garden then these factors become all important and only trusted professionals will do.


bradstone assured installers

Bradstone Assured Installers?

Bradstone Assured Installers are trusted, landscaping and garden professionals.

Installers that are fully assessed for your peace of mind, in the following key areas:

  • Fully Insured
  • Quality checked Installers
  • Part of a national network of installers


Can They Be Trusted?

  1. Companies are assessed on previous jobs
  2. There are on-going assessments
  3. Reference checks


Peace of Mind

  • 10 year products guarantee
  • 5 year installation guarantee


What Happens Next?


  • Initial consultation
  • No obligation quote
  • A schedule of how long the project is likely to last



Find Garden Services – Bradstone Assured Installers