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disabled help

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Our Featured Charity


  • Featured charity disabled help
  • We chose ‘Gardening for Disabled Trust’ because of their ideals and their track record, regarding helping the disabled to appreciate the benefits of gardening
  • Gardening for Disabled Trust was founded in 1968, by Mrs Peggy Kinsey
  • She understood the power of ‘Horticultural Therapy’ and the positive benefits for mental health.


Helping the Disabled

Over 50 years later and this charity has helped thousands of people with all kinds of disabilities, to take pleasure from being outside and gardening.


disabled help

Grants for Gardening 

The trust awards small grants to potentially help applicants to continue gardening actively.


Feedback from the disabled, confirms that these grants have a massive positive impact on their lives.


The Most Frequent Requests

For raised beds, planters also adaptations to paving and steps, in order to make gardens safer and more accessible. 




Featured charity disabled help. More donations means more available funds to change people’s lives.

What your donations could do?

  • £10.00, will buy a long-handled weeding fork
  • £50.00, will pay for a raised planting table
  • £100.00, will pay for a wheelchair ramp


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