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Review - Bradstone Garden Products

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Bradstone Garden Products are garden experts. They've everything you need to transform your garden

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Bradstone brochure review



family run business



Bradstone brochure review – We’ve had direct experience of working with contractors who’ve used Bradstone products and the quality has always been excellent, especially if you’re looking to create stunning gardens or outdoor spaces.


We decided to order the Bradstone Brochure and details of



  • The Garniche Review


  • The Garniche Star Rating is revealed later



bradstone brochure review

BRADSTONE Brochure Review



bradstone brochure review


Bradstone has over 60 years, experience providing high quality products and services. They have everything you need to transform your garden or outdoor space.





bradstone brochure review

How to Get Hold of the  Brochure

There’s a couple of options.



  1. Order online by requesting the brochure here.
  2. Alternatively you can pick up a brochure at one of the many local Bradstone stockists.



Bradstone brochure review

       2019 Brochure


The Process


As part of the Bradstone Brochure Review we wanted to explain the various ways you can get hold of one.



  • The first option, it’s just a matter of picking up a Bradstone Brochure from your nearest Bradstone stockist in person


  • To order online from their website it’s fairly straight forward. Once you’re on their website scroll to the bottom of their home page and next to their social media links is the actual option to ‘Request a brochure’


  • Click on this link and it takes you straight through to the the page where you can enter details in order to request your brochure. These include your name, E-mail address & telephone number


  • You then need to confirm if you’re a consumer, installer or stockist and enter your address


  • There are 3 tick boxes that you need to deal with one of which includes agreeing to Bradstone’s terms & conditions


  • Click ‘Request Brochure’ then that’s it, the great thing is you get an acknowledgement thanking you but you’re also given the option to download a PDF version.





bradstone brochure review

How Long Do I Need to Wait?

When we ordered the brochure we were pleasantly surprised as it arrived within a week.





bradstone brochure review

What Can I Expect?


  • The Bradstone Brochure arrived in a big envelope and when you open it you can’t help but be impressed with the quality of the whole thing. The front cover draws you in


  • From that point there were endless beautiful images that gave you ideas on all the different things you can do to transform your garden


  • How you can make the most of your outdoor space, small or large?


  • Showcasing beautiful, high quality products like:



 ‘The Porcelain Collection’

also paving, natural stone ranges, driveway block paving,  landscaping, feature collections and technical information


  • There’s also Technical Information, like laying guides


  • There’s so much more, go out & get your Bradstone brochure and be inspired





bradstone brochure review

Create Your Dream Garden One Step at a Time


What If I Need Help?

There is help with:



  • Planning & Design

  • Choosing Your Products

  • Installation (Qualified Bradstone Assured Installers are an option for peace of mind in constructing your dream garden




bradstone brochure review

GARNICHE Star Rating


  1. The Bradstone brochure review can confirm that the whole customer experience was excellent.
  2. The brochure arrived within a week with a PDF option if we wanted to get information sooner.
  3. It proved to be an invaluable document if you’re looking for the best gardening ideas, help with planning & design or installation (‘Bradstone Assured Installers’)



The BRADSTONE Sales Team

  • Prior to publication of this review we contacted Bobby from the Bradstone sales team. This was in order to double check some of our information & clarify some points. She was friendly, answered the telephone quite quickly and answered all the questions we asked fully



GARNICHE Star Rating: 5/5




Please mention The GARNICHE Directory when contacting Bradstone 


Twitter: @BradstoneUK 



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