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REVIEW - Bradstone Assured Installers

Can I trust Bradstone Assured Installers? - 9.5
What level of protection do I get? - 10
Are your installers properly assessed? - 9.5
Can I find local installers then narrow down the options to my preferred choice, that I feel is right for my project? - 10
Is it easy to obtain a hassle-free, online quote, for my local area? - 10
Is this a flexible & stress-free way of finding multiple trusted traders? - 9.5
Quality is really important to me, do you use the best materials, that will last? - 9.8
Can I ask whatever questions I need to ask, to ensure my project matches my hopes & dreams? - 9.4



Bradstone Assured Installers - QUALITY - PROTECTION - CREATIVITY & PEACE of MIND

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Bradstone Assured Installers Review

Bradstone Assured Installers Review


Who Are Bradstone?

This well renowned company has been helping to transform people’s outdoor, garden spaces for over 60 years. But how much do you really know about them?

They’re well known for the undeniable quality of their products also their incredible online resources.

Making life easier for gardeners & providing great ideas. for all potential customers. 


Who Are Bradstone Assured Installers? 

We see the stories all the time about people being ripped off, poor quality work and half-finished work due to disputes.

Bradstone Assured Installers are garden professionals who care about what you want. Whether it’s a small garden space or your dream garden project. 

It’s a UK-wide Network of trusted installers & you can easily select the best installer for you, in your local area.

Bradstone are focused on (1)  innovative design (2) Product Quality (3) Customer Service – Helping Installers to deliver creative excellence.


Can They be Trusted?

Regarding the Bradstone Assured Installers Review, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

When it comes to engaging professionals for any gardening project, there are always going to be questions & concerns.

Can they do the job? Will they leave me in the lurch? Am I just another customer, to them? & What protection do I have?

They can be trusted to take on any jobs, whether they’re smaller ones, bespoke projects, right up to money no object – ultimate dream gardens, to your specifications.

  • After all there’s a lot at stake, the money committed to the project, your hopes and dreams, also what the neighbours think!
  • Bradstone Assured Installers are rigorously tested but it doesn’t end there. There’s also ongoing assessments from members of the Bradstone Technical Installation Team


Protection for You

For total peace of mind you get the following package:

  • 10-year guarantee on products
  • 5-year guarantee on installation
  • Quality assessed installers
  • Fully insured

bradstone assured installers review

Are Installers Properly Assessed?

It’s really important that as consumers we have as much useful information as possible, in order to make the best, informed decisions. This is especially important if your looking to find a professional to create your dream garden.

Please watch this really useful video below.

How Bradstone Installers are Assessed

The main points are as follows: 

  • A great opportunity for you to find the right expert for your job or project
  • Quality assessed & fully insured, for complete peace of mind
  • Installers regularly checked
  • Background checks on all potential installers.


Ongoing Checks 

Back ground checks and other rigorous tests are done before any installer is allowed to operate on this well respected and nationally recognised scheme. 

Equally important for a better customer experience are ongoing installer checks.

  • This has all been put in place for your peace of mind
  • To promote & encourage the best workmanship for all customers
  • Help preserve the integrity of the scheme


Bradstone Transformation of the week

A great example of the many Transformations being featured on a weekly basis


Rewarding Excellence

A fantastic win-win situation for customers

This is because, due to social media & other initiatives, customers have the opportunity to look at, admire & desire the work that is done before they engage a Bradstone professional.

How good is that!

  • Installers are also encouraged & rewarded via Twitter promotions #transformationtuesday #installeroftheweek #qualityassured.
  • You’ve probably seen the great work that’s being showcased, regularly on Twitter, yourself.
  • What’s even more reassuring is that ongoing checks are done by the Bradstone Technical Installation Team
  • There’s also an annual, prestigious awards ceremony that takes place each year – to reward innovation & creativity

2019 Award winners – Bradstone Installer of the Year – T Perrin & Sons

As featured by The Landscaper – The UK’s number 1, landscaping industry magazine.

This all helps to keep Bradstone Assured Installers on their toes & deliver quality products & excellence in customer services.

local bradstone installer search

Easy to Find – A Local Garden Expert

Bradstone make this process so easy, which is certainly a relief if you’re time-poor like myself & you want things done ‘yesterday’

Avoid spending hours online, trying to find a qualified professional because you can quickly find a Bradstone Assured Installer instead. Choose from a local list of installers in your area.



  1. Put in your postcode or the name of your town or city
  2. You’ll then be presented with a list of installers for your area
  3. Headline information for each listing would include company name, available services, if they are award winners or members of a trade organisation
  4. If you like the look of particular companies & require more information then select ‘View Details’ This gives you access to full company profiles, contact & website information

How Helpful is the Helpline?

Great customer service seems to be in Bradstone’s DNA.

If you go online but still feel that you need further help, finding an installer, then please feel free to ring the following contact number: (01335) 372 331

I rang the above helpline number, on a Friday afternoon.

As you know it can often be the case that people are winding down & thinking about the weekend, at this time of the week.

There was none of that, a lady called Lisa answered the call and she was professional also engaging.

I asked her a very specific question and half-expected her to refer this to someone else.

I was pleasantly surprised as she was able to give very specific answers and this proved to be of critical importance.

This bodes well for potential customers needing help to find an installer or information relating to installers.

Get Multiple Trusted Quotes Online

Again Bradstone have made this easy and hassle-free. 



  1. Put in your postcode alternatively the name of your town or city
  2. You’ll then be presented with a list of installers for your area
  3. Headline information for each listing would include company name, available services, if they are award winners or members of a trade organisation
  4. If you like the look of particular companies & require more information then select ‘View Details’ This gives you access to full company profiles, contact & website information
  5. Next to ‘View Details’ is ‘Shortlist for quote’ for each listing
  6. If you tick the (box/boxes) next to your preferred listings, it changes to ‘Added to shortlist’


Flexibility & Less Hassle

Bradstone Assured Installers will normally manage the whole project for you.

This means that you don’t need to engage multiple contractors, along with the stress this can cause.


Quality & Care

Only the best quality materials are used & this is why Bradstone can back their promises with multiple guarantees. (for your peace of mind).

trusted trader quotes

Happy to Share Experience & Knowledge

How refreshing that a company recognises that to achieve the best results, the whole process needs to be a 2-way process.

Working with customers and actually encouraging you to ask questions.




Why Choose Bradstone Assured?

Our Bradstone Assured Installers Review concludes:

  • If you want quality, great ideas, incredible bespoke solutions, enthusiasm, guidance & joy, give Bradstone Assured Installers a try
  • Each professional is carefully assessed and checked to guarantee the work is done to the highest standard, using only the best materials
  • Peace of Mind: On-going assessments from members of the Bradstone Technical Installation Team 
  • Refreshingly they listen to what you want & welcome your input, after all it’s your money
  • They have a proven track record of producing high quality work that can transform your garden or outdoor space
  • They use the best quality materials, as no one really wants to see their new pride & joy (garden) starting to fall apart, shortly after the job has been done

Consumer Protection


Find A Local Installer Now!

Apply to Be A Bradstone Assured Installer


Key Benefits

If Approved, customers can request a quote directly from your online profile!

(Making life easier for them and providing more work opportunities for you)

Access to Bradstone Assured Rewards





THE GARNICHE REVIEW would like to thank the following people & partners for their help, in compiling this review:

Rachel (Marketing coordinator for Bradstone)  – incredibly helpful, providing information, images & video also honest feedback, nothing was ever too much trouble.

Sarah at Bradstone (sales manager for the South East) Very knowledgeable, engaging & incredibly passionate about delivering the best for customers. She provided some great insight and information that helped us to create a review, where potential customers can get to grips with how Bradstone Assured Installers can make a real difference to what can be achieved.

Lisa (Installer Sales, Office Manager) Very professional, made a real difference.






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