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REVIEW - Arb & Grounds Equipment

Is the Garden Equipment Well Designed & Sturdy? - 9.5
Does the company ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose? - 10
Is the company's customer service tailored to your particular needs? - 9.5
Can the company be trusted? - (See Google & Facebook Reviews) - 10
Are the After Sales, Servicing & Repair Services up to Scratch? - 9.5


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Arb & Grounds Equipment are garden & grounds equipment experts. All customers, whether they’re domestic or professional, face typical problems regarding which equipment would best suit their needs within budget.

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Arb & Grounds Equipment

Who Are They?

Arb & Grounds Equipment Ltd are a local, family owned company.


Typical Problems  Buying Garden Equipment

Customers, whether domestic or professional, face typical decisions and problems. These include:

  • Finding Garden Equipment That’s Sturdy – well designed and well built
  • Fit for Purpose – right for you and the job you need to carry out in your garden or deliver as a business
  • Tailored to Fit Your Particular Needs – sales/advice
  • Health & Well-Being – Are there health considerations to factor in?
  • What are the After Sales Options? – Servicing & Repair Options


Finding Garden Equipment That’s Sturdy

Arb & Grounds Equipment Review believes well-designed garden equipment that’s sturdy & fit for purpose is therefore of paramount importance.

The company deals with all customers (right from the start) in a professional & straightforward way.


Garden Equipment Fit for Purpose

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling you’ve been short-changed due to poor equipment or dodgy advice.

Thankfully Arb & Grounds Equipment Ltd have an old school attitude to customer service that is often lacking, these days.


Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Impressive customer service seems to be in this company’s DNA.

  • We have many personal experiences of their total professionalism & no-nonsense approach to doing their best to find the right solutions for you
  • We have stood in line when others are being served and witnessed this company doing their best to help. As their website says ‘Committed to providing exceptional customer service, our expert staff take time to get to know you/your situation and only offer the right solution – even if it means pointing you in the direction of a competitor’

Arb & Grounds Equipment Review

Health & Well-Being Considerations

There’s plenty of research & studies that inform us about the incredible mental health benefits of gardening.

When you are looking to do your own garden maintenance, no one wants to work any harder than they need to, because of equipment that’s not fit for purpose. Also face unnecessary hassles due to poor or failing equipment.

You may also for instance require a self-propelled lawnmower because of advancing years or poor mobility.

This is very unlikely when dealing with Arb & Grounds Equipment because they take the time to find out exactly what you want & importantly why you want it, how often it will be used.

Arb & Grounds Equipment Review

What Are the After Sales Options?

SERVICING – Keeps your equipment in good order and crucially keeps the manufacturer’s warranty, in place.

REPAIRS – Arb & Grounds Equipment have specialist mechanics who inspect then identify what the issues are. Solutions are then given along with any potential costs.

We’ve experienced first-hand the professionalism of this company to find the right solutions for you, whether it’s servicing or repairs.


Replacement Parts

For all types of lawnmowers and other machinery



The Arb & Grounds Equipment Review,  started off by outlining the typical problems & decisions that both professional & domestic customers face when purchasing garden equipment.


The Garniche Directory will now give its various conclusions based on:

  • Our own buying experiences with Arb & Grounds
  • Evidence provided by other customers
  • Evidence provided by professional people
  • Studies that outline the proven advantages of shopping with a good local company

Arb & Grounds Equipment Ltd, share our customer focus values. They’re therefore a good choice for professional & domestic customers.

Shop Local – They’re a great example of why we should all support local companies and they’re in a convenient central location, in Derby.

One-Stop Shop – The place to buy the best garden equipment for domestic and professional customers. Including all types of lawnmowers, scarifiers, rotavators, log splitting machines and much more..

Great after sales service – This is a great Brucie Bonus. For example, if you bought your lawn mower and it went wrong, typically it would be dealt with as a matter of priority. Contrast this with a similar internet purchase, where typically you would need to send it back (postage costs), take it to your nearest service centre that may not be local.

Do you really need the hassle and expense?


Garniche Summary

  1. Arb & Grounds Equipment are a great choice whatever your garden or grounds needs.
  2. This is because as already outlined they sell well designed & solidly made equipment
  3. Their equipment is fit for purpose (because of their great interaction with customers)
  4. Customer Service is totally tailored to your needs
  5. Wide ranging after sale options as well as service & repair options

Review Score

Garniche Star Rating: [usr 5.0]

Arb & Grounds Equipment Review

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