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The Garniche Directory was created in 2016 and It’s the place to:


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Garniche Trusted Reviews are researched and delivered by our editorial team in Derby and we are passionate about trying to produce the best reviews possible, so potential customers can make better informed, buying decisions.


What is Your Background? 

Our Garniche Trusted Reviews team, has combined experience of over 30 years, in delivering great customer service, consistently.


Areas include: Garden services like landscaping, garden maintenance, all types of tree surgery, sales, marketing, website promotion, copywriting and reviews as well as retailing and banking.


What is Our Purpose?

We take our responsibilities very seriously. This is why we thoroughly research every one of our reviews to ensure that all information, images & video is accurate also it’s relevant and helpful to each part of our review.




  • Helping to solve customer problems by providing viable & attractive solutions
  • Original, engaging & helpful content
  • Giving customers much better information & resources before they make crucial buying decisions
  • Outlining key product or service benefits
  • Provide a summary of the main strengths of a company in a form that customers can easily understand & relate to
  • Use of images, video and links to further information to enhance the customer experience


PROMOTING the key strengths of your company 

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • To persuade your target market to make a buying decision
  • Widen your company profile on the internet
  • An opportunity to showcase your best customer focused resources
  • Significantly increase a company’s Google visibility
  • Our reviews give companies increased credibility, when potential customers are looking to make buying decisions


Are You Objective?

Yes, we create all our reviews on the basis that we’re putting ourselves in the customers shoes and we’re always trying to establish an angle or include information that will help in your buying decisions.


garniche trusted reviews

How Do You Ensure Accuracy & Quality?

  • Any information that is published, is thoroughly researched and it’s accuracy is double-checked against known objective standards and organisations.
  • We also tend to have very constructive dialogue with the company we’re reviewing. This is because they can often provide very useful information that isn’t already in the public domain.
  • Helps to ensure that we’re following their brand guidelines and this can be critically important when you consider a company like, Bradstone


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Helping You to Make Better Buying Decisions


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garniche trusted reviews

Trade Mark Information

GARNICHE is a Trade Mark that was registered on 13th May 2016, under the Trade Mark Act of 1994.



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